The Goodlife Cooperative is a commercial enterprise which is owned by and managed for the benefit of its members.

As a co-operative we are bound by our Rules to act for the benefit of the communities in which we operate. This is a fundamentally different way of doing business, as seen in the highly successful and well-established model of community owned businesses elsewhere.

As with any purchase there are a number of things to consider before investing your money. In particular you should appreciate that the value of your shares may go up, or it may go down, so that you may not get back the amount you invested.

The Goodlife Co-operative is not currently registered with and is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore the money you pay for your shares is not safeguarded by any depositor protection scheme or dispute resolution scheme.

If any person has any doubt about the suitability of the investment which is the subject of this Share Offer they should consult with an appropriate authorised financial advisor on this investment.

The Goodlife Co-operative receives income from a variety of different revenue streams, including the sale of shares, grants, sponsorships, loans, advertising as well as direct sales from our customers from projects we have developed.

The Goodlife Co-operative intends to pay 3% interest to our investors on an annual basis, dependent on financial performance and cash flow.

Shareholders can decide to have their interest paid out, invest it back into The Goodlife Co-operative, or donate it to our eradicating poverty in the 3rd world programme.

There is a one-member-one-vote rule irrespective of size of shareholding, and as a member you can get further involved through member meetings, joining working groups and standing for election to the Board.

The Goodlife Co-operative will have “major shareholders” as each member has one vote regardless of the size of their shareholding. This ensures that no individual, organization or group of individuals or organizations will have control of the Co-operative.

The Share Offer is open to individuals over 16 years of age and to organizations who support the objectives of the Co-operative.

The minimum investment is £250 and the maximum is £100,000. Shares cost £10 each.

Under Money Laundering Regulations you may be asked to provide evidence of your identity.

The terms and conditions of the share offer are subject to English Law.

Your investment in principle is for 13 years. We request a minimum of 3 years in order to establish the cash flows required to sustain the business.

After the third anniversary members may apply to the for repayment of some or all of their investment.